Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lexi turns seven.  We celebrated with a surprise party.  I gave the invites to her teacher with the envelopes addressed to the parents of the girls invited.  I made one for Lexi addressed to myself so she wouldn’t get suspicious.  The next school day some of the girls told Lexi about her party.  She asked me about it and I lied and told her, “No, I wasn’t planning a party.”  She asked me to promise and tell her the truth.  I again lied.  So Saturday morning she really was surprised when all her friends were waiting for her in our basement.  She initially responded with anger toward me for lying to her, but got over it quickly when she realized all her friends were there.  We had a mini pedicure party, where I ended up painting 16 sets of glitter toes.  The girls had fun, especially our Lexi!





One thing I love about having kids, is living vicariously through them.  I don’t know if it is bad to do this, but I figure as long as we are all having fun, who cares!  Birthday parties are one of my most favorite things to give to my children.  I love planning them, decorating, thinking up fun ideas, and of course seeing the joy it brings to my children.  I just might do one for them every year, even if it is spoiling them. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Duos In Provo


Congratulations Lexi and Taylee!  Second place on your first duo together.  You guys did fantastic, we are so proud of you!

11 months

CIMG0719  I Am On The Move!!!CIMG0720



                          Bye! Bye!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Princess Oakley


The “bestest” day ever!

CIMG0683  Awaiting the Royals


Mingling with Princess Hallie


Developing artisan skills


A superb tea!


The “finest” gifts!

Oakley Turns Three

About a week before Oakley turned three she started behaving in a really bizarre way.  One night she wanted to say prayers, and as usual I started to tell her what to say.  She was silent so I continued, thinking she wanted me to say them.  Well, she freaked out on me and started screaming that she wanted to say them by herself.  I calmly replied, “okay.”  She was still silent so we waited,  then she started screaming that she wanted help.  Well, I tried helping and she started in again on doing it by herself.  It ended up with her screaming in her room and the rest of us saying family prayer with wailing in the background.   There was no reasoning, rationalizing, or calming down the child.   She was stubborn, demanding, and pretty much just mean!  We thought that maybe we just sucked at parenting.  Then we remembered that terrible twos are nothing!  It’s those horrific threes!!!

Regardless of behavior,  we still thinks she is pretty cute!! 


Easter Morning

Every Easter my kids wake up and find an Easter egg next to them in bedCIMG0620.  Inside is the start of a very fun scavenger hunt.  (a tradition my aunt Ruthann started)  They figure out the clues to find their baskets.  Lexi can read her clues now and Oakley understands the pictures she finds.  CIMG0628CIMG0637