Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crew’s 1st Birthday

 We had a farm theme for Crew’s birthday.  We went to Wheeler farm, ate cake, looked at the animals, and climbed on the farm equipment.  Family from all over came to celebrate.  It was perfect weather, and all the kids had fun!

CIMG1634I made the same cake my sister made for her little boy.  It was easy, but it took all evening to make. 

CIMG1658 Crew just poked at it, and then took off the graham crackers,  he didn’t really want to eat it.  CIMG1659 Here he is with a red mouth.  There was so much red dye in the frosting, that when we wiped him down later he looked like he had a red sunburn. 

CIMG1662This is when we knew Crew was done!  I haven’t had one child yet that hasn’t cried while eating their cake.


Crew liked his gifts, and so did the other kids!

CIMG1677 I made little gift bags with farm animals and farm animal masks.  Here is Oakley wearing her cow mask.

CIMG1679 Crew loved touching the animals at the farm.

CIMG1689CIMG1690The girls loved running around and climbing on the equipment.



    They especially loved the rabbits.

CIMG1699CIMG1693  It was a really fun day at the farm!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year Ago

CIMG1570 June 3, 2009

A miracle happened and our family was blessed with a little boy!CIMG1572 Loving Big Sister.

CIMG1566 Proud Daddy!

CIMG1568 Suspicious and Curious.

When Crew joined us, our lives changed for ever!  Our family was complete.  The joy we have experienced this past year is indescribable.  He has been so happy and delightful!  He loves to laugh, smile, giggle, clap, and wrestle.  He is boy through and through.  He loves hitting the girls in the face, pushing cars, and throwing things.  He hates getting his hair (fuzz) styled, his diaper changed, and don’t even think about changing his clothes.  Though I must admit, his pre-Madonna sisters have dressed him up like a girl on numerous occasions.  (Wait, so have his mom and aunts.)  We love having a little boy!!

bf0b87cc-60e9-48b7-8508-717d2e9781b2w One Month

CIMG1590 Two Months

CIMG0056 Three Months

CIMG0088 Four Months

CIMG0087 Five Months

CIMG0315 Six Months

CIMG0346 Seven Months

CIMG0373 Eight Months

 CIMG0412 Nine Months

CIMG0697 Ten Months

CIMG0706 Eleven Months

Crew is one today!




We love you Crew!