Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Summer Vacation

Our family spent the week in Island Park. It was a blast! The first night we spent with my dad, Mckay, and Ryan and Karie's family. We spent our time jet skiing, four wheeling, and sight seeing. We had just arrived at the cabin when we received a phone call from Ryan that the truck died while going up the mountain. Shawn met them with a tank of gas, and finally the vacation began!!!

We always stay in the cabins at Buffalo Run. Our first night there we made tinfoil dinners and dutch oven rolls. Here we are preparing our feast!
We spent one day in Yellowstone Park. It was more fun than usual. We fed the chipmunks at Firehole (our favorite spot) little cookies. The forest Ranger told us that we couldn't, which really concerned Lexi. Shawn asked her if she would rather have fun, or obey the rules. Lexi, the good child, replied she would like to do both! Good answer, Lexi!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We all went four-wheeling, even baby Crew. We went on pretty easy trails for the most part. Every once in awhile we would ride something bumby. Both Lexi and Oakley wanted to ride with Shawn, they wanted to go fast. I guess Mom is too safe for them! I thought for sure Oakley would be terrified, but she loves it as much as her big sister. We had so much fun in Island Park we can hardly wait to go back!