Wednesday, November 4, 2009


October is my personal favorite month of the year, even better then December.  I love decorating my home, going to witches night out, and of course the kids and trick-or-treating!!!  What could be more fun then bags and bags of treats?!!

The Three Witches

(Shawn calls us something else!)


Witches night out is for the girls only!!  Daddy and Crew stay home and the three of us go out for a night of dressing up, shopping, hot cider, and caramel apples!  It takes us two hours just to get ready with our hair and make-up, but it is totally worth it.  Lexi and Oakley love every minute of it!!  In the past we have celebrated it with our Grandma’s which makes it even more fun!  

Halloween Spooks

A witch, a bat, and a snow Princess

CIMG0140 Halloween night is everyone’s favorite.  My kids could go for hours, this year it was three and a half.  Oakley loves it the most and can’t wait for each treat, she never tires.  Shawn took half the candy to work, but we still have enough to last us months!