Friday, May 14, 2010

Oakley Turns Three

About a week before Oakley turned three she started behaving in a really bizarre way.  One night she wanted to say prayers, and as usual I started to tell her what to say.  She was silent so I continued, thinking she wanted me to say them.  Well, she freaked out on me and started screaming that she wanted to say them by herself.  I calmly replied, “okay.”  She was still silent so we waited,  then she started screaming that she wanted help.  Well, I tried helping and she started in again on doing it by herself.  It ended up with her screaming in her room and the rest of us saying family prayer with wailing in the background.   There was no reasoning, rationalizing, or calming down the child.   She was stubborn, demanding, and pretty much just mean!  We thought that maybe we just sucked at parenting.  Then we remembered that terrible twos are nothing!  It’s those horrific threes!!!

Regardless of behavior,  we still thinks she is pretty cute!! 


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